Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21: Saint Enda


Enda was a warlord in Ireland. His sister, Saint Fanchea, eventually convinced him to stop fighting and live a Christian life of peace. He was supposed to get married, but the young lady died before the wedding. Enda decided to become a monk. After a pilgrimage to Rome, where he was ordained, he came back to Ireland to build churches and monasteries. He taught the brothers to live simply and work hard. 


Enda and the other brothers in his monasteries lived very simple lives, with only one outfit of clothes, no heat in the winter, simple meals, and so on. They alway slept on the bare ground or on a rug, but never on beds. Tonight, as we near the end of Lent, make an extra sacrifice by sleeping on your bedroom floor instead of a bed.

Saint Enda, pray for us!

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