Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14: Saint Matilda

St. Matilda


Matilda was born into a wealthy, important family in Denmark. She was raised in a convent, where she learned to love Jesus first and foremost. Then she married the future king of Germany. Matilda always gave generously to the poor. After her son, Otto the Great, became king, he and his brother Henry fought about the crown. She solved the problem by getting Otto to make Henry a duke. Then both of them started complaining about how generous she was in giving to the poor, so she left all her possessions with them and moved away. In time, the brothers realized their mother was right and apologized. 


There is a saying, “You can never out-give God.” This is true, because everything we have, comes from God. Matilda looked upon all the riches she had as coming from God – hers to manage and hers to give away, but not hers to keep. Lent is a time for giving. So today, find a way to give generously. Give away something you thought you could never go without. 

Saint Matilda, pray for us!

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