Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8: Saint John of God

St. John of God


John was always an impulsive person, which means that whatever he thought of doing, he’d do immediately. He ran away from home to follow a priest when he was only 8, and after that, he had a lot of different jobs. He was a shepherd, a soldier, a servant, a dock worker, and a bookseller. He started his own hospital and homeless shelter for the poor. Then one night, the Royal Hospital was on fire. John raced to it and saved many patients, then chopped off the burning half of the building with an ax to save the rest. He actually fell through the roof into the flames below, and everybody thought he was dead. But John miraculously walked out of the fire.  


Saint John of God is the patron saint of firefighters. Firefighters serve our community in many ways. Today, bring your local station a little treat to enjoy – fruit, cookies, chips and salsa, anything you can think of – and let them know that you are praying for them. (Don’t forget to actually pray for them!)

Saint John of God, pray for us!

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