Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24: St. Catherine of Genoa

St. Catherine of Genoa by Giovanni Agostina Ratti


Catherine tried to become a nun when she was 13, but she was too young. Three years later, she married a nobleman named Julian, who was very selfish. Because she didn't know what else to do, Catherine also became really selfish. One day, she went to confession, and God gave her a new understanding of her sins and how much He loved her anyway. She turned her life around and that made Julian realize he needed Jesus, too. By then, they were broke due to their selfish habits. They moved into a hospital and serve the poor for the rest of their lives. 


God gives us so many graces when we go to Confession! Take some time today to prepare your heart and go to confession. 

Saint Catherine of Genoa, pray for us! 

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