Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22: St. Lea

St. Lea


We don’t know much about St. Lea, other than that she lived about 1700 years ago. She was a faithful Christian who had a very rich and comfortable lifestyle. After her husband died, she moved to a monastery and lived a very simple, modest life. In a letter St. Jerome wrote about her, we can see that she used to order a lot of servants around, but once she became superior at the convent, she led the other sisters by example. 


Saint Jerome’s letter indicates that he and St. Lea were kneeling together, reciting Psalm 73 together, when she died. This is a very interesting psalm for St. Lea, because it talks about the frustrations of knowing rich people never want for anything, while the poor struggle, but both fall into sin. St. Lea knew must have known this from both perspectives, as a rich lady and as a poor sister. Today, read Psalm 73, and then memorize verse 26: “Though my flesh and my heart fail, God is the rock of my heart, my portion forever.”

Saint Lea, pray for us!

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