Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28: Saint Venturino

St. Venturino


Venturino was an Italian priest. Because God gave him the gift of wonderful preaching, he attracted huge crowds wherever he went. Venturino announced he was going to Rome in 1335, but Pope Benedict XII misunderstood and thought he was coming to Rome to take over. The pope sent letters to Venturino’s superiors asking them to stop his trip, but the letters didn’t arrive in time. Twelve days after Venturino got to Rome, he found out he wasn't supposed to be there, so he left. But he wanted to talk things over with the pope so there would be no hard feelings. When Venturino asked to see the pope, he was arrested instead! He had to stay in jail until the next pope, Clement VI figured out that it as all a big misunderstanding. He got Venturino out of prison and asked him to be the head of an important crusade. 


Anybody can make a mistake, even the pope! Sometimes, we are accused of doing something we didn’t do, and nobody will listen when we try to explain. Today, think of a time that happened to you. How did you react? Now, pray that God will help you forgive the person who punished you for something you didn’t do…and if you didn’t take the punishment with grace, ask God to build your faith so that if and when it happens again, you will respond the way He wants you to. 

Saint Venturino, pray for us!

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