Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12: Saint Fina


Fina (or Seraphina) was born into a family that started out okay but became very poor. Even though she didn’t have much to eat, she saved half of her food to give to people who were even worse off than she was. Then her father died, and Fina caught a disease that left her paralyzed. All she could do was lay still on a board while her mother left to find work or beg for food. So Fina prayed. She prayed that she would care more about Jesus’ suffering on the cross than her own pain. When she died, white violets were found growing out of the board she had been lying upon. 


Today, get some white violet seeds and start them indoors so you can plant them in your yard. Then every time you see them, you can remember Saint Fina and her determination to make Jesus’ suffering for our sins more important than her own problems. You can plant the seeds in any sort of pot – even an empty paper egg carton would work. 

Saint Fina, pray for us!

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