Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18: St. Cyril of Jerusalem

St. Cyril of Jerusalem
by Francesco Bartolozzi


When Cyril was a bishop in the fourth century, poor people came to him for help, he sold a few extra items in the parish so he could buy them food. Meanwhile, a terrible thing was happening. Some people said that Jesus wasn’t God, and they convinced many Christians to believe that lie. Cyril knew Jesus was divine, but somehow managed to get himself in the middle of all of this. A bishop who disagreed with Cyril  accused him of selling church goods for profit and had him sent away to another country.


Sometimes, we work really hard to do what Jesus wants us to do, but we never get to see any good come from it. And sometimes, we want to do something to help, but we can’t for some reason – like when Cyril was sent away. That doesn’t mean we should give up. We have to learn to trust that God is using our efforts for the good of His Kingdom, even if we can’t see it. Today, ask God to help you always trust in Him. 

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, pray for us!

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