Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6: Saint Colette

St. Colette


Colette was born in France. After her parents died, she gave all her money to the poor and joined the Franciscans. Then God told her in a dream to go help the Poor Clares, who were having trouble staying true to their rule of order. So, she became a Poor Clare sister, and Pope Benedict XIII put her in charge of reforming the order. Of course, some of the sisters didn’t like Colette’s leadership – nor did the people in the community where the Poor Clares served - but she was patient and finally succeeded. 


One of the ways Saint Colette taught the Poor Clares to be humble and prayerful was to have them go barefoot. Try going without  socks and shoes at home today. Your feet might get cold, especially this time of year, but every time you think about how cold your feet are, pray for somebody you care about. 

Saint Colette, pray for us!

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