Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31: St. Benjamin the Deacon

St. Benjamin


Benjamin was born in Persia around the beginning of the fifth century. He was a deacon for the Church, but due to the government persecuting Christians, he was sent to jail for a year. He was set free on the condition that he would never speak to anybody who worked for the king about religion. But Benjamin believed it was his duty to preach about Jesus to anyone and everyone. In the end, he was arrested again and cruelly tortured until he died. 


We are really, really lucky these days. Most of us live in countries where we are free to talk about Jesus openly. But there are some nations where Christians can be arrested for preaching about Christ. Today, pray that God will strengthen those Christians who live under the threat of arrest – or worse – if they share the Gospel. Because everyone in those countries needs to learn about Jesus, too. 

Saint Benjamin the Deacon, pray for us!

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