Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21: St. Nicholas of Flüe

St. Nicholas of Flüe
or "Brother Klaus"


Nicholas was a heroic Swiss soldier. During times of peace, he worked for his governor. People thought Nicholas would make a good governor, too, but he kept refusing to take the office.  When he was 50, he and his wife agreed that he should live as a hermit and devote all his time to praying to God. For 19 years, his only food was the Holy Eucharist. But people still came to him for advice and help. Once he stopped a civil war in Switzerland, just by dictating an agreement that both sides were happy to sign.


When St. Nicholas of Flüe became a hermit, he was able to really focus on God and learn what His will is. By fasting from all food except the Eucharist, he was able to ask God to fill him up with the wisdom he needed to use his gifts to serve God and others. If you can give up a meal today, do so and go to Mass so that all you receive is the Eucharist for a time. When your hunger bothers you, ask God to fill you with wisdom about what your gifts are and how you should be using them. (You can still pray for that even if you can't miss a meal today.)

Saint Nicholas of Flüe, pray for us!

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