Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2: Saint Agnes of Bohemia

St. Agnes of Bohemia


Agnes was a princess of Bohemia. So she was promised in marriage when she was only three years old to a prince. But he ended up dying, so then she was promised to somebody else. In all, she was engaged to four different men, but each marriage was called off. Finally, she was free to serve God full time, as she had always wanted. First she built a hospital, then a convent for the Poor Clares who worked in the hospital. Agnes became a sister, too. 


Even though she was of royal birth, she always took care of the most contagious patients herself, including lepers, to protect the other sisters from getting ill. Today, think of one of the worst chores there is to do at your house, and do it so that the other people in your family don’t have to. 

Saint Agnes of Bohemia, pray for us!

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