Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11: Saint Constantine of Cornwall

St. Constantine of Cornwall


Constantine was king of Cornwall. After his wife died, he repented of his sins and became a Christian. Then he gave the kingdom over to his grown son and became a monk. He was not treated like a king any more – he did all kinds of chores and lived just like the other monks as he studied for the priesthood. After he was ordained, he served as a missionary to Scotland. 


St. Constantine's Well today
As the story goes, Saint Constantine had a well that produced miraculous waters. After his death, the people in Cornwall let it fall into disrepair. Then came a time of drought. The people begged the priest for advice, and he told them to find and restore the well. They didn’t take him seriously, and the drought continued. Twice more, the priest told them about Saint Constantine’s well, and they finally listened. They found the well and restored it, and clean, cold water gushed out of it. Then rain fell and they were saved from their drought. Today, there are parts of the world that are suffering from drought. Ask God to end their drought, and ask Saint Constantine to pray for them, too. 

Saint Constantine, pray for us! 

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