Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 26: St. Margaret Clitherow


Margaret was raised Anglican, but a few years after she was married, she joined the Catholic Church. Catholic priests were being persecuted and even killed by order of Queen Elizabeth I, so Margaret hid priests in her home, where they said Mass for her, her children and all her Catholic neighbors. Then she was found out and arrested. When she refused to give up Catholicism and return to the Anglican Church, she was sentenced to die. She wrote to a friend, “…I feel the weakness of my flesh, which is troubled at this news, but my spirit rejoices greatly. For the love of God, pray for me and ask all good people to do likewise."


St. Margaret Clitherow had to keep her faith a secret to protect the priests who were giving people the Sacraments during a time when Catholicism was illegal. When she was executed, soldiers took the front door off her house and crushed her beneath it. Most of us live in places where we can be open about our faith in Christ. Can people look at your front door and know that you are a Christian? If not, come up with a plan to make your front door deliver the message, "Christians live here!"

St. Margaret Clitherow, pray for us!

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