Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7: Saints Perpetua and Felicity


More than 1800 years ago, when Christianity was still illegal, Perpetua was a new Christian. She was only 22, and she had a little baby son who needed her. But she bravely faced being arrested and sentenced to die for her faith, as did Felicity, who was 8 months pregnant. (We don’t know anything about their husbands – maybe they had already been killed for being Christians.) Two days before they went to the arena to face hungry wild animals, Felicity gave birth to a baby girl, who was adopted by a Christian woman who had not been arrested. Together, they went into the arena and preached about Jesus, encouraging each other to be brave as they faced death.


Perpetua's last words were, "Stand fast in the faith and love one another." Even in these modern times, there are Christians who are being martyred for their faith. Pray that they will stand fast in their faith and encourage each other no matter what. And don't forget the people you know personally, who face different kinds of trials and need to hear Perpetua's encouragement. Send that person a letter, an email or a picture you’ve drawn to help them stand fast in their faith. 

Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity, pray for us!

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