Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27: St. Rupert

St. Rupert 


Saint Rupert was born in what we call Germany in the 7th century, where he became a priest and then a bishop. He worked very hard to tell people about Jesus so that they would become Christians. Then the Duke of Bavaria (also part of Germany) asked Rupert to take over a town that was almost deserted, called Iuvavum. Rupert build a church, a monastery, and a school. He brought in missionaries to work with the people. Now Iuvavum is known as the thriving city of Salzburg, Austria. 


St. Rupert knew that the best way to save a dying town was to encourage their souls. That’s why he built a church first. You can see film of Salzburg in the movie, "The Sound of Music." Watch it with your family this evening. 

St. Rupert, pray for us!

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