Saturday, November 30, 2013

Supply list for Dec. 1-7

Here is the supply list for the suggested activities for next week, December 1-7. Feel free to improvise or to adjust activities to fit your family's preferences, skills and time allotment.

Sunday: Aluminum sheets, notepad, scissors, dull pencils, permanent markers, string or yarn.

Tuesday: Rice (basmati or jasmine), olive oil, yellow onion, curry powder, plain Greek yogurt, cream, kosher salt, black pepper, diced tomatoes, 1 roasted chicken (buy a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken for a great shortcut), cilantro; fresh or frozen green beans.

Friday: Scrapbook paper (small patterns work best; Christmas themes are a nice touch, allow ½ of a 8.5x11 sheet per child), flat decorative plastic buttons (sold in scrapbooking aisle of craft store) empty cereal boxes or similar containers made of light cardboard, glue sticks, scissors, this template, and chocolate coins covered in gold foil (as many per child as you wish).