Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27: Saint James Intercisus

Russian Icon of St. James Intercisus


James lived in Persia about 1700 years ago, when Yezdigerd I was king. James was a Christian, but he was quiet about it. When King Yezdigerd started persecuting Christians, James stopped worshiping Jesus because he was scared. After King Yezdigerd died and King Bahram took his place, James' family pointed out how he had given up Christ to save himself. He realized that he had done the wrong thing. He told King Bahram he was a Christian, even though it meant he was sentenced to death.


Most of us are luck enough to live as Christians without anybody threatening us. But there are still times we want to hide our faith, maybe so we won’t be teased, maybe so we won’t be embarrassed. Today, pray that God will help you always be courageous about your faith in Jesus.

Saint James Intercisus, pray for us!

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