Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7: St. Willibrord

St. Willibrord by
Cornelis Bloemaert (1603-1684)


Born in England, Saint Willibrord began studying for the priesthood when he was still a small child. He was sent out as a missionary to the Netherlands with a dozen companions. He had a lot of problems with pagans who threatened to kill him, but he bravely continued his work. Then a new duke took over the territories where Willibrord worked and undid everything Willibrord had accomplished. When the duke died, Willibrord started all over again, with great faith in God, building a whole new church.


After Willibrord was made a saint, his bones were moved to a place of honor. The procession included five bishops, 2 Swiss guards, 16 men holding flags, 3,045 singers, 136 priests, 426 musicians, 15,085 dancers and 2,032 other people, and they all danced with joy. Today, put on some lively music that praises God and dance!

Saint Willibrord, pray for us!

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