Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23: Blessed Miguel Pro

Blessed Miguel Pro standing and praying
for God to forgive his executioners
just before his death on Nov. 23, 1927


Miguel lived in Guadalupe, Mexico, during a very difficult time. He was born in 1891, and he went to seminary when he was 20 years old. Three years later, however, the Mexican government began attacking Catholics. Churches were closed and priests went into hiding so they would not be killed. Miguel and other seminarians escaped to the United States. He eventually went to Belgium to be ordained a priest, then returned to Mexico. He spent the rest of his life in secret ministry. He would disguise himself as a beggar or a delivery man or a fancy business owner and go to people’s homes to baptize babies or celebrate Mass. Then somebody lied and said he had tried to kill a former Mexican president. He was captured and sentenced to death. He died proclaiming, “Viva Cristo Rey!” or “Long live Christ the King!”


Blessed Miguel pro loved sweet treats like cocol (sweet bread with poppy seeds) and chocolate caliente (hot chocolate). So, mix up some hot chocolate and watch this short video about Fr. Pro. (If you have some time and the wherewithal to make a yeast bread, here is a recipe for cocol, too). 

Blessed Father Pro, pray for us! 

More reading for parents:

SPECIAL NOTE: After the young children are in bed, adults and older teens may want to watch the full-length feature film, “For Greater Glory” about Blessed Miguel Pro and others martyred in Mexico in the late 1920s. As of November 20, this film was available on Netflix and from various video rental stores and Catholic bookstores.