Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11: Saint Martin of Tours

"St. Martin of Tours Renouncing His Weapons"
by Simone Martini, Capella di San Martino
 in St. Francis Church, Assisi, Italy 


Though Martin wanted to be a monk, he was forced to join the army when he was 15. He did his best to be a true Christian and a soldier, helping the poor he met, but then he was supposed to fight in a war. Martin told the king, “Put me in front of the army, without weapons or armor, but I will not draw sword again. I am the soldier of Christ.” The king angrily said he would do exactly that. Fortunately, the other army wanted to settle peacefully. Martin was kicked out of the army and became a holy priest and bishop. In a town where people worshiped a tree, Martin told them to cut it down. They said okay, but only if he would sit where the tree would fall. He agreed. Just as the tree was about to fall on Martin, he made the sign of the cross. The tree fell in the opposite direction, slowly enough for everybody to get out of the way in time. Many people became Christians that day. 


Make a paper bag tree today. All you need is lunch sacks, colored paper, scissors and a glue stick. You might even want to make a little paper doll Saint Martin of Tours to place next to it to remember how God convinced people that He is real!

Saint Martin of Tours, pray for us!

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