Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19: Saint Nerses the Great

St. Nerses the Great


Saint Nerses the Great lived in Armenia more than 1700 years ago. He became a priest after his wife died, and then all the people wanted him to be their Catholicos (bishop). He refused, saying he wasn’t worthy of the title, but then a dove settled right above his head, and somebody cried out, "You are pleasing God! His Spirit rested upon you!" Nerses was a good leader. He corrected many problems, and many more Amernians became Christians. But that made the king angry, so he sent Nerses and 70 others to live on a deserted island in the middle of the sea, where they would surely starve to death. Nerses prayed, and a strong wind came and blew the fish right out of the sea onto the beach so all had plenty to eat.


Today, you can cook fish the way they do in Armenia, where Nerses lived. Here’s a simple recipe for Armenian-style baked fish. If fish is out of your budget, try this vegetarian Armenian lentil soup instead.

Saint Nerses the Great, pray for us!

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