Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16: Saint Margaret of Scotland

St. Margaret of Scotland
by Edward Burne-Jones


Margaret was the daughter of the King of England. She and her mother and sisters sailed to Scotland when warring kings tried to take over their country. King Malcolm of Scotland fell in love with Margaret and they were married. Malcolm was a good man and a good king, but not a very polite or faithful. Margaret’s good example changed him and everybody in the whole country. She taught people patiences, courtesy and good manners. Margaret also helped make the churches beautiful, using her skills in sewing and embroidery. She made people want to worship Christ.


Margaret was very clever about inspiring people to choose to do the right thing. At her table, she ended every meal with a Grace Cup (also called St. Margaret’s Blessing). After praying the Prayer After Meals, this cup was filled with a special drink and passed around the table so everybody could have a sip. Nobody wanted to leave before the Grace Cup, so they all developed a good habit of praying the Prayer After Meals. You don’t need a special cup or drink to develop this habit in your family – just start praying the PrayerAfter Meals today. 

Saint Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!

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