Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20: Saint Wilgefortis


Saint Wilgefortis (sometimes called Saint Liberata or Saint Kummernis or Saint Uncumber) was one of nine daughters born to the King of Portugal. He wanted Wilgefortis to marry the King of Sicily, but she had promised God she would never marry and live only for Jesus. She prayed for help to get out of the marriage, and as the legend goes, she miraculously grew a beard and a mustache. The King of Sicily didn’t want to marry her any more. Her father was so angry, he had her crucified. 


Imagine how silly Saint Wilgefortis must have looked with a beard and a mustache. It was an unexpected way for God to answer her prayers, wasn’t it? So, today’s activity is a little unexpected, too. Make mustaches out of cardstock and attack them to lollipop sticks and/or drinking straws following these instructions:

Mustache on a stick at PBS.  (Use black card stock or construction paper if you like, and lollipop sticks, which are easier to glue because they are made out of paper. 

Saint Wilgefortis, pray for us!

More reading for parents: