Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7: Saint Willibald

St. Willibald
(Photo by Dalibri)


Born in England in the year 700, Willibald grew up learning to live like a monk in prayer and contemplation and study. When he grew up, he went on pilgrimages to explore the world and deepen his faith in God. He had many adventures and experienced several miracles that saved his life. Saint Willibald is thought to be the first Englishman to visit the Holy Land on pilgrimage. Even though he didn’t make it a point to gain converts to the Catholic faith, his own spiritual growth inspired many other people to become Christians. 


Every Christian has a responsibility to bring others to Jesus. As St. Willibald demonstrates for us, a deep connection to Jesus is the best evangelical tool anybody could ask for. St. Willibald deepened his by going on pilgrimage. Today, take a virtual mini pilgrimage by watching these three short videos about the Holy Land from Catholic News Agency. Video 1 (2:14), Video 2 (1:48), Video 3 (2:24).

Saint Willibald, pray for us!

More reading for parents:

Alternative: Learn about Saint Robert of Newminster and take gifts of bread and honey to our local food banks. 

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