Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 16: St. John Francis Regis


Even when he was a little boy of five years of age, Saint John Francis Regis wanted to be holy. He had a teacher who would quickly lose his temper and treat John and other students unfairly, but John never complained. He didn’t even complain when he was 18 years old and contracted a terrible sickness. Sometimes John would cry when he was kneeling before the crucifix, thinking about what Jesus did for all of us. He became a priest and did the most difficult or distasteful work himself. God even did miracles through St. John, healing people.


It's really, really easy to complain isn't it? And when you feel like complaining, it's really, really hard not to do it.  Saint John Francis Regis understood that there is a great advantage when we pray in front of the crucifix and really concentrate on what Jesus did for. Today, kneel before a crucifix at home or at church and ask God to help you understand Jesus' gift for us and why you really have no need to complain about anything. 

Saint John Francis Regis, pray for us!

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