Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20: St. Vincent Kaun


St. Vincent Kaun was born in Korea. In 1591, he was captured by Japanese soldiers taken to Japan. That's where he learned about Jesus and became a Christian - he even joined the Jesuits and taught other people about Jesus in Japan and China. But around 25 years later, the Japanese emperor decided that he wanted to get rid of all the Christians in his country. In 1625, Saint Vincent Kaun was arrested and later killed for his faith in Jesus. 


St. Vincent Kaun took quite a journey for Christ, throughout Japan and into China. Today, you can make this Korean game where the players journey around the board from point to point. Every time you reach a corner in this game, pray for the missionaries who spread the word about Jesus. 

Saint Vincent Kaun, pray for us!

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