Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 3: Saint Charles Lwanga and companions

"St. Charles Lwanga
and His Followers"
by Albert Wider


In 1879, the Society of Missionaries of Africa went to Uganda to tell people about Jesus. Six years later, there were many converts who helped spread the Gospel. But King Mwanga was a cruel man who killed a Protestant missionary team and the leader of the Catholic believers. When Charles Lwanga was leading the Christian community at court, King Mwanga condemned all the Christians at court to die. Charles Lwanga quickly baptized four of the young men who wanted to become Christians. Together, they and many others were marched 37 miles to a place of execution, but Charles and the others were full of joy because they were dying for Christ, their Savior. 


These brave Ugandan Christians were burned to death, but as they died, they called on the name of Jesus and told their executioners, “You can burn our bodies, but you cannot harm our souls.” King Mwanga didn’t understand that people are more than just their bodies. Today, make ice cube candles. The holes in the wax represent a person’s soul that cannot be burned. Here’s a four-minute video on YouTube that shows how to make this easy craft. 

Saint Charles Lwanga, pray for us! 

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