Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 19: St. Romuald


St. Romuald lived more than 1000 years ago, when people still fought duels to settle their arguments, even though it was against the law. One day, his father won a duel. Romuald was so horrified that his father killed another man, he decided to do 40 days of penance, just as if he had been the one who committed the crime. Eventually, he became a monk. He sometimes faced terrible temptations, but by praying, he would avoid committing the sin.


Sometimes, people do the wrong thing because everybody around them thinks it’s okay. That makes it hard for them to realize they have sinned. In the U.S., one of those sins might be telling a “white lie” or driving just a little bit faster than the speed limit, or something like that. Today, pray a penance for the sins that people don’t recognize as sin.

Saint Romuald, pray for us!

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