Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29: St. Narcissus

Altarpiece of St. Narcissus
Cathedral of Girona, Spain
Photo by JoJan


Saint Narcissus was born at the end of the first century. He became bishop of Jerusalem when he was nearly 80 years old, and when he was almost 100 years old, he and Bishop Theophilus of Caesarea held a big meeting about when to celebrate Easter. Because Jesus was resurrected on a Sunday, they agreed Easter should always be on a Sunday instead of moving through the week like Christmas does. Narcissus also was very effective in praying for miracles. Once, his deacons didn’t have enough oil to fill the lamps at church, so Narcissus prayed over a jug of water, and the water changed to oil. He died while he was kneeling in prayer when he was 117 years old.


Saint Narcissus was constantly in prayer for unity and peace among all Christians. Today, pray that all Christians will again be unified in the love of Christ.

Saint Narcissus, pray for us!

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