Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27: Saint Frumentius

Icon of Saint Frumentius
from the Middle Ages


Frumentius was born in Lebanon. He and his brother, Aedesius, were sent to Ethiopia to tell people about Jesus. They were shipwrecked on the way, but they still made it. Both were given important jobs for the Ethipiean king. After a while, Frumentius went to Alexandria to ask the bishop to send more missionaries to Ethiopia. The bishop did so, but first he made Frumentius a bishop. He and his brother are the apostles of Ethiopia.


Saint Frumentius loved the people of Ethiopia and served them with all his heart. Tonight, make a simple but tasty Ethiopian Dinner of Tsebhi Sga (beef stew), green beans, and Injera (bread).

Saint Frumentius, pray for us!

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