Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25: St. Gaudentius

St. Gaudentius


Gaudentius was a bishop who lived almost 1800 years ago. At one point, another saint, John Chrysostom, was sentenced to exile in the east. Pope Innocent sent Gaudentius and two other bishops with letters to Emperor Arcadius, asking for Chrysostom’s release. The three bishops were grabbed and thrown in prison. When they refused to support the man who had taken Chrysostom’s place, they were put on an old rickety ship that was sure to sink, but they managed to make it across the sea safely. 


Today, build a boat out of recycled items (instructions at Life at the Zoo) and add three small action figures to represent the three bishops. Float it in your bathtub or kitchen sink? Can you think of how to make the boat rickety? Then try to float it again and see what happens.

Saint Gaudentius, pray for us!

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