Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7: Saint Cajetan


In 1523, the Church had a big problem. A lot of priests were lazy, uneducated and unhelpful. Some people wanted to break away and start their own churches. But a priest named Cajetan worked to restore the Church. He started very simply, by teaching people to live like Jesus and to care for the poor and sick. Soon, he joined with other priests who agreed with him. It was hard work, and Cajetan got very sick. A doctor tried to get him a soft bed to sleep on, but Cajetan preferred to sleep on woods. “My savior died on a cross,” he said. “Let me die on wood at least."


Today, the Church is still divided into many different groups. But we know that Jesus wanted all Christians to stay together, as brothers and sisters. Today, pray that God will help Christians find unity with one another. If you want to go even farther, sleep on a hard floor tonight instead of your comfortable bed, and offer your discomfort up to the Lord for the sake of Christian unity. 

Saint Cajetan, pray for us!

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