Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27: Saint Monica


Saint Monica had a hard life. Her husband generous, but he wasn’t a Christian and he had a terrible temper. His mother lived with them, and she was also mean to Saint Monica. But Saint Monica was very patient. She prayed for them all the time, and they eventually became Christians, too. Two of her children entered the religious life, but the oldest, Augustine, did not believe in God. For 17 years, Saint Monica prayed for him, often weeping from fear her son would never love Jesus. Finally, Augustine became a Christian – in fact, he became a wonderful saint, just like his mother.


Today’s activity comes from Sole Searching Mamma, who honored Saint Monica last year with a lime pie to represent the “sour” turning “sweet.” Here’s a recipe for a Frozen Key Lime Pie that’s easy to make (make it even easier with a pre-made crust and bottle lime juice). If you want to follow Sole Searching Mamma’s suggestions, color the lime filling blue with a little food coloring to represent the sea of tears that Saint Monica shed when praying for her son to become a Christian. Out of time? Go ahead and buy a frozen pie, ready-made. Before you eat, think of somebody you know who is not a Christian and pray that God will make Himself known to that person.

Saint Monica, pray for us!

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