Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16: St. Stephen the Great


Stephen was born into an important Hungarian family. After succeeding his father as chieftain, he did what he could to spread Christianity throughout his country. He helped bishops build churches and fought against a pagan movement that was working against Christianity. Eventually, Stephen became the king of Hungary, crowned by Pope Sylvester II. In fact, Stephen’s crown,
featuring a cross, became symbols of Hungary and were even placed on the national flag.
The Hungarian Flag still used Saint
Stephen the Great's crown as late
as the 20th Century.


Saint Stephen the Great’s crown showed people that he was the king of Hungary, but because it had a cross, it also showed his devotion to Cross. Today, use card stock to make your own crown. Divide 11” x 17” yellow or gold card stock in half lengthwise. Cut one long edge in any shapes you like, but make sure there is a cross in the center, like Saint Stephen’s. Decorate your cross and then tape the ends together so it fits your head.

Saint Stephen the Great, pray for us!

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