Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30: St. Rumon


Saint Rumon lived so long ago, we’re not quite sure how to spell his name (it could be Rumon, Ruan, Ronan, or Ruadan), and we don’t know much about him. He was born in either Ireland or Cornwall (now part of England), and he worked as a missionary. People must have thought he was a great Christian, because many churches were named after him. Some traditions say he miraculously drove wolves out of Cornwall, protecting the people.


Today, let's pretend that the bad things we want to do - like being selfish or telling a lie - are wolves that we need to chase away from our homes. Use homemade chalk spray paint and a wolf track stencil. Print this stencil on card stock. (You will probably need a number of stencils so that more than one child can spray at a time and so that each Stencil doesn’t get too wet.) An adult can use a craft knife to cut away the wolf’s paw print shapes. Then mix up chalk spray paint out of cornstarch, water and food coloring, and place it in the spray bottle. Make different colors and use multiple spray bottles. Lay the template on the sidewalk leading away from your front door and carefully spray the template. Repeat as many times as you like. 

Saint Rumon, pray for us!

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