Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9: St. Waldetrudis

St. Waldetrudis


St. Waldetrudis lived in Belgium in the 7th century. Her mom, her dad and her sister are all saints. So is her husband and their four children. Waldetrudis was surrounded by people who loved and served Jesus and their neighbors, so she did the same. For some time, she was the victim of gossip – some ladies in her town were very jealous of her holiness. But Waldetrudis kept her focus on the Lord, and He frequently answered her prayers with miracles.


Gossip is so common in our culture, many people don’t even realize it’s a sin. But it’s a sin that can destroy relationships or cause somebody to lose a jobs or other bad things. Saint Waldetrudis didn’t let the gossip said about her affect her relationship with Christ. If people are gossiping about you, make today the day you lay it before Jesus and ask Him to give you the grace to ignore it as Saint Waldetrudis did. But if you have gossiped about others, make today the day you ask them to forgive you. And don’t forget to confess that sin to God. 

Saint Waldetrudis, pray for us!

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