Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6: Saint Crescentia Hoess

St. Crescentia Hoess


Things hardly ever went well for Sister Crescentia. Her family in Bavaria was so poor that when she tried to enter the Order of Saint Francis at the age of 18, her dowry wasn’t enough, and she was turned away. Eventually, the mayor and all the residents of her town appealed to the superior and Crescentia was admitted. The sisters treated her like a beggar. She was given the worst chores, but she did them cheerfully and well. Once she was even told to fetch water with a sieve, and through a miracle, she was able to succeed. In time, she became respected and loved throughout the convent. At the end of her life, she lost the use of her limbs and could only lay in great pain on her bed, curled up like a baby. But she kept her eyes on Jesus and remained joyful until she died on Easter Sunday. 


Saint Crescentia Hoess learned to endure any difficulty without complaining – and even cheerfully. Today, follow her example and pray this “Prayer of Love to God” that she wrote whenever things get rough for you.

Prayer of Love to God 

Grant, O God, that love and suffering may grow hand in hand in me, so that I may love you more and more with the cheerful disposition which is the fruit of love. O Lord, only grant me love for you, and I shall be rich enough. I desire only that you leave me to my nothingness and that you alone, if I may say so, be all in all and loved and honored by everybody. I wish to take pleasure in nothing but only in you and your love. Amen

Saint Crescentia Hoess, pray for us!

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