Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14: Saint Lidwina

St. Lidwina's Vision
of the Rose Bush


Saint Lidwina was born in the Netherlands in 1380. When she was 15, she went skating with some friend, fell on the ice and became hurt deep inside her body. Since X-rays hadn’t been invented, nobody could find the injury, and people thought either she was making it up or that she was possessed by an evil spirit. She couldn’t walk, her eyesight was bad, and she had terrible headaches. Through all her suffering, however, Lidwina found holiness. She successfully encouraged many sinners to turn to Jesus. Once, her priest tested her by giving her an unconsecrated host, but she knew immediately that it was not the Holy Eucharist. 


Once when Saint Lidwina was feeling quite discouraged, she received a vision of a flowerless rosebush with the words, "When this shall be in bloom, your suffering will be at an end." Shortly before Easter some years later, she saw the rosebush again, this time in full bloom.  Today, purchase a rosebush and plant it in your yard. Think of somebody who is suffering and pray for that person every day until the rose bush blooms. (If you don't have a yard, get permission to plant a rose bush at your church or at the home of the person you are praying for.)  

Saint Lidwina, pray for us! 

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