Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22: Saint Abdiesus and Companions


Abdiesus was a deacon in Persia. He was arrested by soldiers during the reign of King Shapur II, who hated Christians. With seven other priests, bishops and noblemen — Abrosimus, Acepsimus, Azadanes, Azades, Bicor, Mareas, and Milles — and a woman named Tarbula, they were martyred for believing in Jesus.


 At the most difficult time in their lives, Saint Abdiesus and the eight other Christians martyred on this day had the sweetness of knowing they were not alone. They had Christ and the whole communion of saints standing with them and they laid down their lives for Christ. Today, remember their faith by making these delicious Persian treats: walnut cookies scented with rose water. (You can buy rose water at natural food stores.)

Saint Abdiesus, pray for us! 

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