Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3: St. Benedict the African


Benedict’s parents were slaves who had been kidnapped from Africa and sold to rich people in Sicily. When he was 18, Benedict was set free. After working on a farm for a while, he joined a Franciscan order. He had different roles with the brothers, but he was happiest when he was a cook. The brothers sometimes saw angels helping Benedict in the kitchen, and no matter how many poor people came for a meal, Benedict never ran out of food. God did other miracles through Benedict as well. 


Benedict was once made the head of all the new brothers (novices) in his order, and once he was made superior over the whole order. He didn’t want these important roles – he wanted to serve his brothers as a cook. Sometimes we want the best for ourselves. After all, it’s nice to let other people do all the drudgery work, right? Today, try to do what Benedict would do. Maybe do the chore that everybody in your family despises, quietly and without complaining. 

Saint Benedict the African, pray for us!

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