Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9: Saint Adrian the Abbot

Saint Adrian the Abbot


Saint Adrian was born in Africa, and eventually he became the abbot of a monastery near Naples, Italy. He was offered the position of archbishop, but decided he was better off in charge of a monastery. He was a great teacher, and the archbishop of Canterbury in England asked Adrian to come there to be abbot of their monastery. Adrian did this, and the monastery became a famous center of learning. 


Saint Adrian the Abbot understood how important it is to keep learning and never stop. Go over today’s Mass readings (or choose just one of them). Read them slowly and try to find one thing new to learn from them. When you spot something new, pause and ask God to help you understand it. Then read that portion again, more slowly. Think quietly about what God is trying to teach you through that passage. Read it a third time, and stop and listen for God’s voice in your heart. Finally, thank God for loving you and teaching you. 

Saint Adrian the Abbot, pray for us!

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