Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3: Saint Genevieve

St. Genevieve by
Pierre Hébert (1804-1869)
Saint Etienne du Mont Church, Paris


When Genevieve was only 7 years old, Saint Germain of Auxerre came to visit her small village near Paris. He noticed her in a big crowd of people and talked about what she would accomplish for Jesus. She was consecrated to God right away and became a nun when she was 15. Genevieve devoted herself to prayer, worship and helping the poor. When the people of Paris where packing up to leave because Attila the Hun was getting ready to attack, Genevieve convinced them to fast and pray instead. Attila the Hun changed his mind about Paris and never did attack! 


How often do you wish that somebody would tell you exactly what God planned to do with your life? We can't all have somebody like Saint Germain prophesy over us. But we can and should pray to the Lord regularly and ask Him to tell us what He wants us to do. And then we must remain silent and listen to the "still small voice" to learn God's will for our lives. Start doing it today, and keep it up - this is a New Year's Resolution that will bear much fruit in your life! 

Saint Genevieve, pray for us!

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