Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15: Saint Paul the Hermit

St. Paul the Hermit
by Jusepe Ribera
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore


Paul was an Egyptian who was orphaned at the age of 15. Because he was a Christian when the emperor was trying to get rid of all the Jesus followers in Egypt, Paul went into hiding. Seven years later, his sister’s husband wanted to get all the land that Paul had inherited, so he told the soldiers where to find him. Paul escaped to the desert and found a cave to live in. But rather than feeling lonely, Paul found Jesus was with him all the time, and he grew in holiness. 


Many of us are so busy, we don't even notice that Jesus is with us all the time. Set aside some time to day to be silent and alone with Jesus. Open your heart to his and just be quiet, listening for the "still small voice." What would your life be like if you started to do this every day? 

Saint Paul the Hermit, pray for us!

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