Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8: St. Thorfinn


Bishop Thorfinn lived in Norway in the 13th century. For a while, there was an agreement between King Magnus VI and the Church. But then Magnus died and King Eric took over. He wasn’t fond of the Church and he made things very difficult for the priests and bishops. Eventually, the king outlawed the bishops! Bishop Thorfinn had to escape, and then he got sick and died. Almost everybody forgot about him. But 50 years later, Bishop Thorfinn’s tomb was opened, and instead of the smell of death, there was a nice odor. A poem written by a monk on a piece of parchment hung over the bishop’s body, and it looked just as new as the day it had been placed there. So the monk who had written it was found and asked what kind of a man Bishop Thorfinn had been. Then people kept his memory alive.  


Do you ever feel like you’re so unimportant, everybody will forget about you? Everybody wants to feel like they are important. Saint Thorfinn knew he was important to God, even if the king didn’t like him, and even if he didn’t do anything special enough for people to remember. Today, pray that God will help you remember that He will never forget you, even if everybody else does. 

Saint Thorfinn, pray for us!

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