Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21: Saint Agnes

St. Agnes of Rome


Agnes was just a little girl in Rome when she promised herself to God forever. Maybe it was her deep love for Jesus that made her look beautiful, because many men wanted to marry her, even when she was only 13 years old. In fact, the governor’s son, Procop, tried to get her to change her mind about Christ by sending her expensive presents. Finally, he brought her to his father and turned her in for being a Christian, which was illegal in those days. The governor promised Agnes presents if she would deny God, but she wouldn’t. Then he had her arrested, but she still wouldn’t deny Him. Finally, he condemned her to death. But Agnes was so in love with Jesus, she didn’t mind dying for Him. 


Because Anges’ name sounds a lot like the Latin word for lamb (“agnus”) and because Agnes was as innocent as a lamb, paintings and statues of Agnes often show her holding a lamb. Make a batch of cupcakes today and use white frosting, marshmallows (regular size and mini) cut into thin slices with kitchen sheers, chocolate chips and pink sprinkles or decorating gel to turn them into lambs. 

Saint Agnes, pray for us!

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