Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1: Saint Eligius

St. Eligius
Photo by Havang


Saint Eligius (also called Eloi) was a talented metalsmith in France about 1500 years ago. He was in charge of the King’s mint, where coins were made. Eligius and the King got to be good friends, but even though he was a very important man, he did not forget to help others. He gave generously to the poor and paid for slaves to be set free. He also built several churches and a monastery, and finally, he became a priest, and then a bishop. Many people became Christians because of his powerful teaching.


Saint Eligius taught people that it was important to use of their talents and wealth to help other people, and he taught this by his good example. Think about what your talent are and how you can use them to help other people while you make this simple Christmas ornament out of thin aluminum sheets and permanent markers. (The instructions say to place the aluminum on a foam sheet for the embossing. A pad of paper or an open spiral-bound notebook works just as well.)

Saint Eligius, pray for us!

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