Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22: Blessed Jacopone da Todi

Bl. Jacopone da Todi


Jacomo was a successful lawyer from a wealthy Italian family. He married a beautiful Christian lady named Vanna. When Vanna died in a tragic accident, Jacomo found out how much she had suffered because of his sinful ways. He changed his life immediately. He gave away everything he had and dressed in rags. People called him Jacopone, which means “Crazy Jim.” But he didn’t mind being teased or humiliated because he knew he was nothing without Jesus. When he wanted to join a religious community, he wrote a poem for Jesus that proved he wasn’t actually crazy. After that, he wrote many beautiful poems and hymns that we still use today. 


Blessed Jacopone wrote several different poems for Christmas. In fact, while he lay dying on Christmas Eve in the year 1306, he sang songs about Jesus. Here is one of his Christmas poems to read today:

The Beautiful Mother

"The beautiful Mother is bending
Low where her Baby lies
Helpless and frail, for her tending;
But she knows the glorious eyes.
"The Mother smiles and rejoices
While the Baby laughs in the hay;

She listens to heavenly voices:
'The child shall be King, one day.'
"O dear little Christ in the manger,
Let me make merry with Thee.

O King, in my hour of danger,
Wilt Thou be strong for me?"

Blessed Jacopone da Todi, pray for us!

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