Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15: Saint Maria (Paula) DiRosa


Paula Di Rosa grew up wanting to help people. When she was only 17, she was arranging retreats and missions for her parish and running the ladie’s guild. At 24, she was made the supervisor of a workhouse for poor girls. But she worried about the girls, because many of them were homeless. So she started a boarding house for poor girls where they would be safe at night after work. When she was 30, she became Sister Maria, superior of the Handmaids of Charity, who served hospital patients. When a war started, she and the other sisters went to work at a military hospital, even going out to the battlefield to comfort the soldiers who were hurt or dying. Once, the other army came to break into the hospital and kill all the wounded soldiers inside, but Sister Maria bravely met them at the door carrying a large crucifix, the army men felt ashamed and left.


Sister Maria would do anything to help people. Today, think of a way to help somebody before anybody asks you to help.

Saint Maria di Rosa, pray for us!

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