Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10: Pope Saint Gregory III


Gregory was a well-known Syrian priest who happened to be in Rome when Pope Gregory II died. But during the funeral procession, people in the crowd who recognized him started shouting that they wanted him to be the next pope. And that’s exactly what happened. Shortly after he became pope, Gregory III had to deal with the Byzantine emperor, Leo III. Leo thought that it was wrong to keep holy images like icons and statues around. He wanted to destroy them. Gregory III made it clear to the whole Church that destroying any image of Jesus, Mary or the saints would be wrong.   


Images of holy people, like statues, icons and paintings help us think about holy things. For some of us, these beautiful images help us concentrate better when we pray (other people concentrate better with their eyes closed, and that’s good, too). Since we are in the advent season, lots of people are putting up lights and decorations outside of their homes. Make sure there is something on or in your home that helps people think about Christ's birth. 

Saint Pope Gregory III, pray for us!

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